Kram/ Weisshaar's Force Driven Structures

Cast aluminium shelves in glorious hyper colours created by simulation software - and why not?
Console Shelf by Kram Weisshar
Console Shelf by Kram Weisshar



Among the more interesting designers currently blurring the lines between artistic disciplines and new technology is the Stockholm and Munich-based studio Kram Weisshar. The duo’s latest work, an installation of new pieces for the Nilufar Gallery in Milan, was a case in point - juxtaposing ancient and modern production processes while highlighting the astonishing precision and craftsmanship inherent to both.

MULTITHREAD, shown during Salone del Mobile, saw an array of stunning rare 19th and early 20th century antique Chinese carpets displayed alongside the first five unique pieces from a new series of what Kram Weisshar are describing as “Force-Driven Structures”. This essentially comprises a collection of furniture items (such as a table, shelf and desk) whose flat surfaces are supported by webs of cast aluminium bars in glorious hypercolour. Made using a custom made physical simulation software the form and colour of each structure has been determined by the forces passing through it and represents this and the energy it supports. Having “designed” each piece in this way, the software then outputs a set of digital blueprints that are 3D printed before being cast, assembled and finished by a team of master craftsmen. 

While any designer will have to go a long way to supplant what is generally our favourite shelving system we must admit we are currently reviewing the "wall situation" to see whether this, this or this might fit well with Kram/ Weisshar's Console Shelf. 




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