Manga Dreams in pictures

'Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art?’ - the manga and anime-inspired body of work by art duo Anderson & Low
Anderson & Low, Untitled (The Sunset Duel)

1 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (The Sunset Duel)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (Ramen Bakuretsu Ken)

2 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (Ramen Bakuretsu Ken)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (Forest Defender)

3 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (Forest Defender)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (Cherry Blossom)

4 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (Cherry Blossom)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (Alan With Gun)

5 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (Alan With Gun)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (4 Swordsmen)

6 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (4 Swordsmen)

Anderson & Low, Untitled (Aqua Boy)

7 / 7 Anderson & Low, Untitled (Aqua Boy)

This is the first time art/photography partnership Anderson & Low have held a commercial show and their latest series, Manga Dreams, currently at Hamiltons Gallery, London (until 5 March) is inspired by the manga-obsessed youth culture of Japan. 

The duo took their lead from the street culture they discovered in the shopping malls of Tokyo, where they found 'youth tailoring their look to that of manga and anime characters. The impossibly tamed hairstyles and gestural elements in the clothing stimulated our imaginations - we felt as though we had been transported to a different world, a parallel universe populated by these characters.'

Subjects picked from the street were invited to project their manga identity through appearance ('they are, in a sense, living their dreams; Manga Dreams'). Their photographs were then montaged with manga-style backgrounds, 'thus creating a world that no longer feels entirely like our own'. 

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