Adrian Ghenie launches new Haunch of Venison Gallery

Dark subjects for the new space's debut exhibition
Adrian Ghenie, 'Self-portrait as Charles Darwin' (2011)

1 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, 'Self-portrait as Charles Darwin' (2011)

Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Josef' (2011)

2 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Josef' (2011)

Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Mengele' (2011)

3 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Mengele' (2011)

Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Mengele 2' (2011)

4 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, 'Dr. Mengele 2' (2011)

Adrian Ghenie, 'Self-portrait (as a Monkey)' (2011)

5 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, 'Self-portrait (as a Monkey)' (2011)

Adrian Ghenie, Study for collage installation (2011)

6 / 6 Adrian Ghenie, Study for collage installation (2011)

Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie's paintings open the newly renovated Haunch of Venison gallery in London, as it returns to its original home at 6 Haunch of Venison Yard, after 2 years in temporary accommodation.

The huge rooms and high ceilings of the space provide a suitably clinical backdrop to the subject matter of Ghenie's imposing works. He's interested in evil, morality, eugenics and Darwinism, creating dark canvases laden with thick paint applied with dramatic brushstrokes, or layered on with a spatula.

Ghenie's one of the youngest artists Haunch of Venison have ever shown. Despite his relative youth this authoritative body of work assures Haunch of Venison's confident presence in the art world. He's also included in Phaidon Press' Vitamin P2 - New Perspectives in Painting, published next month.

The show is free and runs from September 8 until October 8.

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