Tout est pardonné (2007) directed by Mia Hansen-Løve

Olivier Père's choice of ones to watch




Olivier Père selected Mia Hansen-Løve as one of the best emerging film directors working today and chose the film Tout Est Pardonné (All is Forgiven) as an example that best represents her work.

Tout Est Pardonné (All is Forgiven) (2007):
Victor (Paul Blain) lives in Vienna with Annette (Marie-Christine Friedrich) and their young daughter, Pamela (Victoire Rousseau). He avoids work by spending his days, and sometimes his nights, away from home. Annette trusts that he will get his act together once they move back to Paris, but he doesn’t. After a violent argument, he moves in with a junkie with whom he has fallen in love. Annette leaves Victor and disappears with Pamela. Eleven years later, Pamela (Constance Rousseau), now seventeen and living in Paris with her mother, learns that her father lives nearby and decides to see him again.

"It’s a rare film (especially a first film) that succeeds in expressing feelings as profound as those surrounding separation, absence, and bereavement with as much subtlety and style as Mia Hansen-Løve’s All Is Forgiven (Tout est pardonné, 2007). Confirming the remarkable narrative and aesthetic mastery that this young director demonstrated in her debut feature, is a second film, Father of My Children (La père de mes enfants, 2009), which is elegance itself."
Olivier Pére, Artistic Director, Locarno Film Festival



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