Marc Jacobs to receive MTV’s first Fashion Trailblazer award

The designer will be the inaugural recipient of this new accolade at the Video Music Awards on August 26
Marc picks out the perfect top for the occasion. Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs' Instagram
Marc picks out the perfect top for the occasion. Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs' Instagram

As with many great fashion designers, Marc Jacobs draws inspiration from popular music. In his new book Marc Jacobs Illustrated, the designer recalls his seminal 1993 Grunge Collection, which “remains one of my favourite collections because I’d followed my instincts,” he writes, “listening to the music of Sonic Youth and Nirvana.” 

Of course, Jacobs' tastes aren't limited to early 90s guitar music; in the book he also details a wide range of musical accompaniments that have soundtracked his shows, from orchestral works by the 20th century Polish composer Henryk Górecki, to scrappier recordings by  proto-punk pioneers, The New York Dolls.

Later this month, MTV will recognise Jacobs' contributions to music and fashion, by giving the designer its inaugural Fashion Trailblazer Award. Jacobs will receive the award at this year's Video Music Awards, which take place on 26 August.


Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jacobs has appeared on MTV. Take a look at the video for Sonic Youth’s 1993 single Sugar Kane; you can catch the designer around the 20-30 second point, as he shares his grungy creations with the band. And look out for a young Chloe Sevigny too!


Marc Jacobs Illustrated

For more on Marc, his designs, influences and trailblazing career, order a copy of Marc Jacobs Illustrated here.

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