Steve McCurry's One-Minute Masterclass #9

Legendary photographer's advice for happy snappers and shutterbugs: #9 'Follow your nose'




Magnum photographer Steve McCurry's advice is gold dust - both to aspiring photographers and those among us who just want to understand how one of the biggest names in the photography world goes about capturing the images that are recognised and celebrated across the globe. 

His eight One-Minute Masterclasses to-date have so far stressed the importance of engaging with your subject as a fellow human being, explained the best way to go about picking an unusual vantage point and revealed that maintaining a sense of humour when you're photographing in extraordinary situtations goes a very long way.

Steve McCurry, <em> Orange Seller</em>, Kabul (2003)Steve McCurry, Orange Seller, Kabul (2003)

In his penultimate Masterclass, Steve explains that to get a great shot, you've first got to be interested in, engaged with and fascinated by the world around you. A great photographer needs a sense of curiosity and a sense of adventure - even before they pick up a camera! Click on the video to hear it from the master himself. 

Steve McCurry, <em>Nomad woman in yak-hair tent</em>, Kham Province, Tibet (1999)Steve McCurry, Nomad woman in yak-hair tent, Kham Province, Tibet (1999)

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For a closer look behind the photographs follow the link to Revealed - the true story behind the Afghan 'Mona Lisa'.

For more from Steve McCurry view his memories of 9/11 and follow the link to buy Steve McCurry’s Iconic Photographs.

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