Steve McCurry's One-Minute Masterclass #2

Legendary photographer's advice for happy snappers and shutterbugs: #2: 'Pick an unusual vantage point'




We were planning to roll out Steve McCurry’s masterclasses at a leisurely pace. However, as our inboxes almost crashed under the weight of nice emails we received after we posted the first in the series of videos yesterday, we thought it would be cruel to hold back. So, by popular demand, here’s the second in our series of 10.

Today Steve talks about the importance of deciding on a great vantage point before snapping the shutter. Incidentally, during our conversation with him, the legendary Magnum photographer revealed how after knocking on their door, he ended up staying for tea with the family who let him up onto the roof to get the best vantage point for his Calcutta street scene below.

Steve McCurry, Calcutta, India (1996) Steve McCurry, Calcutta, India (1996)

"If you explain what you’re doing people are usually very accommodating,” he told us. “Here you are, a stranger knocking on somebody’s door, but within a few minutes you’re inside their home, inside their bedroom, their living room, getting your picture! Try to bring people into your process and have them believe in what you're doing.”

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