Steve McCurry - first look at new work

Two images from the photographer’s visit to Burma earlier this year and a sneak preview of a new documentary




We’re always eager to hear about what Steve McCurry is up to so we were happy to hear from filmmakers Michele Bonechi and Simon Taylor who are currently working on a documentary about the Magnum photographer. 

The idea came about when Michele visited the recent Magnum photographer's exhibition in Rome, designed by the very talented Fabio Novembre. The pair hit it off and the idea of a longer documentary was hatched. You can view previously unseen footage of the video interview Bonechi made with McCurry above. Bonechi is planning to film more footage with the photographer later this year. The finished article will also feature interviews with people who’ve worked with McCurry over the years. The pair are confident of a TV showing in the coming year. 



Steve McCurry, Burma February 2012


“Over the past three years I’ve been working in Milan with the designer Fabio Novembre, who invited me to interview and film himself and Steve at the exhibition at the Macro, Rome,” Bonechi tells Phaidon. “I arrived on the opening date and did two days filming while waiting to film Steve, who eventually obliged. From that moment the journey started.” Bonechi was inspired after first seeing Steve's work at an exhibition in St Germain, Paris in 2007. 

“I was really interested in how Steve engaged with his subject and captured such meaning in human expression. We are interviewing characters who have been associated personally and professionally with the photographer and will challenge them to express stories so far unrevealed. With the documentary I hope to be able to ask questions which really connects with the 'artist' in the photographer as well as connecting to the idea of mirroring Steve's journey during his three-decade career as symbolised in the exhibition. 

Meanwhile, Steve spent much of February in Burma working on a special assignment with Hasselblad. We’ll be bring you more news of that in the coming weeks. Meanwhile though you can see a couple of his first photographs from that assignment above and below.  And look out for a very special Phaidon project with Steve in the coming months. And if you haven’t yet seen these – what took you?  Finally, a new paperback version of Steve's The Path To Buddha A Tibetan Pilgrimage which takes a dignified look at the daily life of Buddhists and their pilgrimages to holy sites is in the shop now. And take a look at



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