The best available introduction to Rembrandt's work, sumptuously re-created to appeal to a new generation of book collectors and art lovers

Tancred Borenius


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A lavish publication of one of the finest painters of the Northern Baroque period, whose intimate self-portraits and vast historical canvases open up the world of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century. This sumptuously produced collector’s edition reproduces and updates the selection of works made by Phaidon co-founder Ludwig Goldscheider for the original 1942 edition, including such masterpieces as The Nightwatch and Bathsheba at Her Bath. A new introduction by Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Walter Liedtke puts Rembrandt’s works into their modern context and supplements the classic essay by art historian Tancred Borenius. Tipped-on image plates, tinted pages and a beautifully elegant design make this a true collector’s edition.


Format: Hardback
Size: 354 x 260 mm (14 x 10 1/4 in)
Pages: 180 pp
Illustrations: 125 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714869193

Tancred Borenius (1885–1948) was a Finnish art historian, diplomat and the first Professor of Art History at University College London. Walter Liedtke is Curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and a specialist in Dutch and Flemish paintings.

"It wasn't until we saw these books in person that we were able to appreciate how sumptuous, smartly designed, and just plain sexy they are. Best of all are the illustrations. Each volume has 125 crisp and meticulous reproductions – the Van Gogh colors are ripe to the point of bursting." —Elle Decor

"We forget, in our image-laden era, just how recent a phenomenon art books are, with their true-colour reproductions of both old and contemporary works of art. We also forget just how essential they are, not just for the pleasure of the general public, but as a source of inspiration for artists and to encourage new generations of collectors and art historians. One key factor in this progress was the founding of Phaidon Press in 1923... Last year Phaidon embarked on a major project to produce a new series of 'Phaidon Classics'... A major decision has been to update the selection of images and the catalogue notes, but to retain the original essays, adding instead a preface by a contemporary scholar. What you get, therefore, besides a beautiful book, is a fascinating dialogue between quite different styles of address to the art-loving audience. This is an astute move." —Apollo-magazine.com

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